Hi there, my name is Florian van den Corput, and I like to call myself a creative person. I've got a MSc degree in Integrated Product Design and I specialise in the development of products, systems and services that improve people's lives, but I also enjoy photography, art and making music. Have a browse on this website to see some of my work!

As an industrial design engineer, I am always looking for the correct balance between making solutions functional, desirable, viable and sustainable. This is quite a mouthful, but it means that I value all aspects of design: Technology, people, business and the environment should always be taken into account. A well-designed solution needs to have meaning in all of these aspects and is defined by its intentionality: only if the intended meaning comes across to the user, the design can be considered successful.

Friends and colleagues describe me as being very passionate, empathic, analytical and philosophical in my work. I have a strong drive to work on complex problems, trying to understand what it really means to have a positive impact on people through design. I am always interested in new opportunities to make a difference so feel free to contact me by email.


this is where I live at the moment